A Lincoln for a Lincoln

Our "A Lincoln for A Lincoln" mail campaign runs from mid-October to Dedication Day in November. Patrons are sent a shiny Lincoln penny and asked to return a $5 bill (he's on both). The money raised is used for our "A Lincoln for A Lincoln" Scholarships each year and also for an endowment to perpetuate the Lincoln Scholarship program.

Abraham Lincoln knew the value of education, walking miles to borrow books that he read by candle or fire light. We can all agree that everyone benefits from the education of our youth. And no young person should forego an education because of economic difficulties.

Please invest what you are able to help our youth prepare for a successful future with the pursuit of technical and academic degrees.

This year you can choose to donate in 1 of 3 ways:

* Donate on November 7th at the ACCF Giving Spree.  On the website www.adamscountycf.org or in person at Gettysburg Area Middle School between 4 & 7 p.m. Your donation qualifies for matching funds through this event.

* Personal Check

* Electronic Payment  Donate to the "A Lincoln for a Lincoln" campaign